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No Stone Unturned (film)

Just to prove my point about people in communities who prey on each other being far worse in their behaviour, than any beasts of air, field or jungle, because they can and do, bring their inhuman malice with them (human all too human).

It is another very good journalistic documentary expose of some murders in a small town of Northern Ireland about 20 years ago. It’s remains ‘unsolved’ but the killers are well known to the authorities, it is alleged: Could be from many other parts of the Earth…


The Lost City of Z (film) – Review

A film worth looking out for

Visions From The Dark Side


Released earlier this year, The Lost City of Z is a historical drama centred on the true story of Percy Fawcett, a British Army officer and explorer who made several expeditions into the depths of the Amazon rainforest in Bolivia to search for evidence of a lost city he referred to as “Z”. The film starts with Fawcett stationed in Ireland, and we see his physical skill and bravery in chasing and killing a stag, as well as his thwarted ambition: his hopes for promotion and social status appear to be frustrated by the bad reputation of his father. In the hope of rehabilitating his family name, Fawcett takes a difficult and dangerous commission. Under the auspices of the Royal Geographical Society, he agrees to survey the uncharted route of the Amazon to solve a border dispute, at the same time boosting British interests in the lucrative rubber trade.


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Why Oh Why Oh Why

I begin today with this from a well-respected commentator at The Guardian:

Why do we treat each other the way we do? We behave badly even to people we are related to, our family members; never mind people we are “educated” to believe are different from us and therefore of no concern to us purely on the grounds of their being humans like us. Social cohesion doesn’t seem to be in the reckoning.

Family members are a separate issue. One falls out with them sometimes, for a lifetime. Maybe fundamentally it’s just part of this same problem or issue.

Ever since I started to find out about some of the dreadful things people do to each other, which as a child began at school, I’ve been grappling with “why does this happen?” I am certain that all of us- the small number who read this- have examples galore, from their personal experience.

As I got older there appeared more & more examples, both historical involving various conquests, religious events and the more modern: Right up to the present day. A man in Argentina recently discovered that his own father had been involved in the mass killings of thousands, as a doctor. This man became curious as to how his father seemed to know a lot of unexpected details about things and when he investigated, he found out, to his horror, that his father had been involved in torture and killings for many years. Despite his being a doctor!

and then I found out that this procedure was worldwide, not only Argentina:ïre,_1965–1997

So now I’m being left with a bigger question. Is it only the men from mankind who perpetuate these events by creating generations who are duty-bound to avenge wrongs done to their kith & kin, by replicating similar or even worse atrocities in turn upon others, in order to create yet another series of sufferers and so on in a self-perpetuating cycle of “inhuman” but all-too-human human misery.

When something like this comes to light ones response is surely: “But Why Oh why is it so & Why Oh Why does it continue to be so?” One really learns to just live with it!! It’s a devastating criticism of how we have learnt to compartmentalise things… because if/when we see it clearly we would destroy ourselves. Maybe that’s one of the reasons more males opt for that exit route…I can really see this as possibly a major reason for the best males who realise the quandary…

There doesn’t seem to be any era nor any place on this planet immune from this. So it seems to be an inherent part of being human, which obviously raises the question: ” What is my place in all this?” Which I first dimly asked as a child.

I’m still asking, now I’ve received much more material driving the message home.
Why am I able to behave in a similar way to all these others who mistreat others, because in the same situation I know I would do the same. Out of fear, bravado or desperation maybe knowing like soldiers in our First World War, that if they decided not to fight the enemy, they would simply be shot themselves. In that position because of the shame on my parents or to get that tiny pension for my family, I would just continue to support The System. Maybe that’s something else that never really changes.

The System.It’s only a possibility that such a thing exists from evidence that always needs interpretation by some fallible being.

The New World Order

I don’t entirely understand what’s going on in the world today but I can at least see that there are several worrying issues. One of them is the Financial System and the way it appears to operate to trhe detriment of most people.

I have been trying, since the disturbances in 2008, to understand more about it: This recent article points out that we may all benefit from learning a little more about the system that affects us wherever in the world we live and whichever form of government we’re apparently ruled by. Ultimately it’s the U.S.

It’s by Michael Hudson.