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There is “freedom of speech”; but after your speech, there is no guarantee that your speech will have a freedom

I have only started to read this and I already want to reblog it.
It’s just so true!

unnecessary news from earth

Where exactly does freedom of expression begin? Perhaps the right question should be: What is the first motive for individuals to express themselves freely? The answer should be the motive to act against injustice and the things which mislead people by political pressuring. If you meet these two and wish to open a window for the truth, here you want to express your ideas freely. Because, you know that your freedom of expression is the foundation of freedom for the masses and even for the sake of humanity. If your opinion is leading to the truths, like John Stuart Mill says:

“The peculiar evil of silencing the expression of an opinion is, that it is robbing the human race; posterity as well as the existing generation; those who dissent from the opinion, still more than those who hold it. If the opinion is right, they are deprived of the opportunity…

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James takes a moment to ponder two problems inherent in the independent media space: conspiracy rabbit holes leading truth seekers astray and desensitization to dark subject matter. What do you think? Corbett Report members are encouraged to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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The Dharma of Adbusters Pt. 2

Kalle Lasn the founder 0f recently reviewed here by Shaun Bartone

Dharma Nerds

This week I’ve been thinking about the work of Kalle Lasn and Adbusters. There are several things that strike me about his work as a Buddhist that has pushed me in a new direction. First, as I said in the previous article in Engage, “The Dharma of Adbusters“, Kalle doesn’t waste time promoting or defending, or even critiquing institutional Buddhism. As an activist who is deeply committed to climate justice, ecological and economic justice, Kalle’s got much bigger fish to fry. Second, his goal is nothing less than total revolution, from the ground up, through every field of human endeavor and experience. It’s well-known that Adbusters planted the viral seed that started the Occupy Movement, which is still having repercussions today in movements like #ExtinctionRebellion. Third, Kalle and his team of artists show tremendous courage and innovation in the way they present their concerns. Adbusters uses satire to deliver…

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“Despite rhetoric, Eisenhower was not prepared to intervene militarily to block Communists short of forcible seizure of power.” Dr. Ronald D. Landa — State Department Office of the Historian February 14 2017 – CIA covert aid to Italy continued well after the agency’s involvement in the 1948 elections – into the early 1960s – averaging […]

via Two Years Ago — CIA Covert Ops in Italy Lasted Long After the 1948 Elections (National Security Archive) — Intel Today

It’s up to me in the end

So, here’s a thing:

I know very little about Miles & he may not even be real, but he makes sense.

Here’s an extract from one article at:


      “They Want you to get the message:

 One, stop resisting.  The message: whatever the police or anyone else tells you, don’t resist.  Just say yes sir and go limp.  That is where they want you.  They want you to be a ragdoll the rest of your natural—or unnatural—life.
They don’t want you to know you have any rights, especially the right to remain silent.
Two, they don’t care if you are shocked or offended, as long as you are very afraid of the cops. They want you policing yourself, due to fear of a beating.  This keeps you in line without them having to do anything real.
Three, it once again plays into the “Men are Pigs” project, since of course this fake-violent policeman is a man.  So it makes women distrust men further, adding to the already bloated economy of compensating products for sexless people.
Four, if you are following this, you aren’t following real events.  They have to have a certain number of fake promoted events each week, enough to fill up the front pages, so they don’t have to report on important real events.

Well, then what should be on the front page instead of this?   The death of science, the death of art, the looting of worldwide treasuries by the rich, the falsification of history, and so on.  As just one specific example, whatever happened to the LIBOR scandal and surrounding scandals, where we found out the banks have rigged pretty much everything and are stealing trillions in a wide variety of illegal schemes?  Funny how we haven’t gotten any updates on that.  As usual, the trillionaire families got off by paying some small fines and it was all swept under the rug.
No one went to jail and we may assume they are still doing it, simply rerouting the stolen money in slightly different paths.  What about 9/11?  Why wasn’t anyone ever prosecuted for that?  It is now 17 years later, and nothing was ever done, except a faked killing of Osama bin Laden. Thousands of people should have been subpoenaed for that, including Cheney, Rumsfeld, Silverstein, Guiliani, Rice, Bush, the Joint Chiefs, and about half the Intel agencies.  What about TARP and PPIP and all those other scams, by which various big companies illegally dipped into the US Treasury?  Did they do anything about that?  Any updates on that?  No, the only thing they did is raise the debt ceiling, so they could steal even more.

What about the growing disparity between the rich and poor?   No one is rash enough to suggest that it could be solved by preventing the rich from stealing so much so easily.  All we would have to do is pass some laws and enforce them.  Instead of using the military to harass the third world and the American middle class, we could use it to locate the illegal stashes of the billionaires and trillionaires, returning the stolen monies to the people.

Instead of using Intel to manufacture the media and the news, we could hire it to crack down on real fraud of all kinds, forcibly relocating all the caught criminals onto organic farms, where they would be compelled to help us grow healthy and natural food without chemicals.  They could start with the owners and upper management of GoldmanSachs, JPMorganChase, Halliburton, Lockheed Martin, PhilipMorris, Dupont, Monsanto, Freeport McMoRan, Pfizer, Glaxo, Merck, Abbott, and so on.

It isn’t complicated, but I honestly don’t see it happening.  Why?  Because I don’t see any strong honest people left.  They simply don’t exist, not in government, not in military, not in Intel, and not anywhere else.  Yes, there are some relatively decent people left in the world, but they don’t get into positions of power, and they aren’t a majority.  So the probability that Congress will somehow magically be repopulated by conscientious people, who will then pass sensible laws, is zero.

It ain’t gonna happen. But that doesn’t mean I have lost all hope.  I hope to continue to see the rich and powerful self-destruct in ever more fantastic ways, which they will.  Although the most prominent destructions right now— like that of Harvey Weinstein—appear to be fake, behind the scenes the destructions are very real.  Vice eats away at these people, with no help from you or me.  We do not need to curse them, since they have cursed themselves.  Nature takes these people down, and she is far more relentless and pitiless than any human could ever be.

So do not lose faith.  That is what they want you to do.  Remember, the value of life is not judged on a worldwide scale, a nationwide scale, or a citywide scale.  It is judged one soul at a time.  The unjust may have fooled you into thinking they have prospered, but they never have—not even once.  Although you should help others as widely as you can, you cannot right the world and are not responsible for its wrongs.  You are responsible only for your own uprightness.  See to that and all else will take care of itself. ”
Where does any one person start, always seems to be a problem-  but not now

What is “the truth?”

Maybe I’m starting to learn to tell “truth” from the other. Here’s just a few examples:

It’s not pleasant but it’s necessary; it doesn’t matter where I look, its the same all over

Best wishes for 2019 and afterwards