Where I grew up #1

My life has been an interesting one, not particularly happy but full of opportunities to learn about this world I happened to inhabit since the 1950s . Chronology m’lud, important topic also but sidelined for now: Sometimes I seem to remember …

This is an intro in case more than one devoted follower might take any interest. I mean, it’s just ONE story of the many so why would it be of any interest?; T’another person I mean.

Only if it’s ( I’ll use tis in future for that abbrev) of interest i.e. has any content for AN Other to appreciate/unpack/overturn.

So I’m looking for engagement from the getgo as we say nowadays. Like an interactive chat where I pause ‘naturally’ & wait.

How is that going to be? I mean we’ve both gotta keep alert for nuances to appear & not to drop off into daydream. Tis like that with Vyasa and his epic tale tho this is micro version ( so far m’lud- but lets see as the Bishop said to the actress …)

The British-Chinese author of adventure fiction Leslie Charteris (Leslie Charles Bowyer Yin – 1907-93) probably contributed to the popularity of the catchphrase; in particular, he made Simon Templar use it on five occasions in Enter the Saint (Hodder and Stoughton Limited – London, 1930):


‘And now let’s get down to business—as the bishop said to the actress,’ murmured Simon. […]

Templar obeyed. His wrists were bound, and the knots tightened by ungentle hands. ‘Are you still so optimistic, Saint?’ Hayn taunted him, testing the bonds. ‘More than ever,’ answered the Saint cheerfully. ‘This is my idea of a night out—as the bishop said to the actress.’ […]

‘There are some friends of yours downstairs,’ said Hayn. ‘I should like to have you all together.’ ‘I should be charmed to oblige you—as the actress said to the bishop,’ replied the Saint. […]

‘Whiskers, in his secret lair, will read of the leaf that’s been taken out of his book, will wonder who’s got on to his game, and will promptly arm himself to the teeth and set out to find and strafe us.’ ‘And we help him by leaving a trail of clues leading straight into a trap.’ The Saint sighed. ‘You’re getting on—as the actress said to the bishop,’ he murmured. ‘This brain of yours is becoming absolutely phenomenal.’ […]

‘He spilled a certain amount of beans. It ought to be enough to work on.’

‘Let’s see what you’ve got—as the actress said to the bishop,’ murmured Simon.

(Contrary to what is often said, the phrase does not appear in Leslie Charteris’s Meet the Tiger (Ward, Lock & Co. Limited – London, 1928).)

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