Dr Jenner and The Milkmaid

It’s some news to me but very good summary of the position we’re in guys

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No this is not going to be a saucy story but while I have you here lets talk about that famous legend of how vaccines were discovered. I know we’ve all been sold the romantic story of a milkmaid schooling Jenner on the amazing science of ‘immunity’ but seriously if you believe that story I have a nice bridge to sell you.

The whole concept of immunity (which we are told came from a lowly milkmaid) was in fact taken from the known concept of building immunity to poisons called Mithridatism. It had nothing to with germs or viruses unless you use the word virus in it’s original form which was ‘poison’.


Secondly Jenner did not hear the tale from a milkmaid at all, he heard it from other natural philosophers of the time who had heard it from a farmer and not a milkmaid. This is stated in…

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