A barrage of lies and liars

Using Uncle Herman as a guide I’m beginning with some etymology:

barrage (n.) https://www.etymonline.com/word/barrage

“1859, “action of barring; man-made barrier in a stream” (for irrigation, etc.), from French barrer “to stop,” from barre “bar,” from Old French barre (see bar (n.1)). Artillery sense is 1916, from World War I French phrase tir de barrage “barrier fire” intended to isolate the objective. As a verb by 1917. Related: Barraged; barraging.”

“Being depressed is simply being realistic” – Discuss.

This is my brief here M’Lud, my reaction or rather, less passively, my consolation avenue to explore, following Ariadne’s Thread out of this labyrinth, coming to terms with my realisation that My World, so self-evidently true and deeply personal at this late stage in my life, has been infiltrated and organised to such an extent that it’s unrecognisable as a place I wish to inhabit; it’s unsuitable for any human being- which begs the definition of what would be more suitable: Something that doesn’t atomise and isolate humans into discrete cells, which we have all come to understand that living under these current conditions does- tries to certainly it seems.

Having come to this point, after several decades of coping with living withinside, (the results of which have only served to warp and damage my intrinsic human nature M’Lud), I’ve come to a position where I’m now simply looking to escape from it.

Like blasting off to Mars with Elon! As if that’s a real option haha …

And yet, realising that this my “totally unsuitable situation” has apparently been engineered to be just as it is by some malignantly inhuman, powerful force, (or maybe a combination of many machinations working together even directed by some overarching collective), I realise I’m not really isolated. I’m made to believe so, to seem separated from meaningful contacts with others, as much as possible. BUT I’m in a mass of humans, an individual being worked upon individually and collectively to seem increasingly alone and powerless in the face of various overwhelming narratives which seem to promote on-going despair.

I’m inside a shared situation, realising I’m really in it, breathing it like oxygen, time’s running out and my resources are very limited and I’m doomed to fail in the end. That’s very disheartening as a given situation, verging on hopeless M’Lud …

But I’m not alone any more … I see that the illusion of being some ‘individual’ actually at the same time engineers and promotes the sense of being isolated and powerless.

I feel even more depressed because it seems an inescapable trap, without any way out . No way I can actually blast off to Mars at all! More importantly, I’m the target of this inhuman barrage of lies and lying which seems to surround me. I’m one of a few who have some clue, but now I’m a moving target … Wow! It was intentional that I felt isolated, disconnected, miserable and a failure because I was unhappy. I didn’t realise that this is a symptom of dis-ease, not any human normal state. My normal state is continually being disaffected, upset because things have all deliberately been messed with, by “barrages” which divert the streams which should proceed in natural ways, as the rain falls and winds blow, diverting natural forces into miasmal swamps and desolate regions. That’s what feels wrong and to realise that it’s deliberately meant to be so, is actually somewhat liberating. But I’m told various explanations to attach blame

My “human nature” has been invented, reified into existence and explained to me at school as a fact, to become both cause and effect- so that everything’s my/our fault. I/We’ve caused all this incorrectness, all these imbalances, all the ecologic destruction, all of it. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.

I’m not actually wrong: The system seems broken, but it’s actually been built this way. So now we hear “Build back Better” and feel it’s all in a mess because of My past mistakes, My destructive “human nature”: Worse than any “animal nature” , I’m totally at fault without argument, by definition … so the best option available to me is to take a running jump out of the window, and pay for my inadequacy …

Many times I’ve wondered why men are especially prone to offing themselves- is it because consciously or unconsciously, they’ve gotten into this “place of desolation”: Chose to go, taking what’s seems the easy option on offer because it’s possible to actually kill oneself, get out … stop the feeling of being blamed for everything going back in history as far as you like …

Anyone seeing things this way will be depressed if not suicidal; what’s the point in continuing to live, to draw breath, to continue supporting this utterly demoralising dilemma. Given the choice shall I simply refuse to participate any longer, attempt to “make a statement” as I cut my throat … and I see that’s the point, it’s meant to be this way, meant to have this effect; my self-destruction is a part of this “plan” and I’m supporting this “Awfulness” by my self-destruction.

I’m astounded to realise I’m a target, it’s all arranged to drive me insane. My sanity, my normal human responses, once innate and common to humanity, have all been weaponised to finally destroy me. It’s been cunningly- very cunningly- engineered like a bomb onto the axis of my intrinsic will to survive and search for meaning in the surrounding universe. My sanity has been undermined to such an extent that it cannot protect me in the face of this malignant evil force which surrounds me, which has (almost) totally infiltrated my being. That’s a blink into the abyss for sure, what’s ranged up against me and us; anyone that’s not enabling the situation …

I see an actual glimpse of a tunnel- I’m given this “option” (“It’s Your Choice, pal”) because my decision actually counts. If I choose this EXIT, I’ve given it my vote and agree with it. But the main point now is – I don’t agree nor support these assumed aims, objectives and outcomes …

I must continue NOT to underwrite these false paradigms any longer: It’s a compass bearing …

I’m suddenly determined to continue surviving as best I can. I will survive despite … and because I now know better than I did what’s actually going on. I’m going to back my decision and try to make something, somehow … to underline my search for meaning and truth

I’m able to distinguish, and that’s another step from where I was, unaware of any difference …

I have the end of a thread, meaning that maybe there’s a way out, so not simply bedding down with my buddy Elon and doing the Countdown Rock. Haha, hope gleams inside Pandora’s Box, I’ve also replaced the razor blades for now …

But it surrounds me, it’s been working in an insidious way unceasingly since long before my arrival. So Your Honour, is there any point in attempting something impossible? Is it at all comparable to realising that oxygen- which I must breathe to survive- is actually a poison which will kill me. Every breath I take is a reminder of my tense situation…. I’m in mortal danger with no cavalry arriving in the next reel … it’s up to me and I have a real choice in front of me, at every moment …

If I say I feel “depressed” maybe I’m just being Realistic as opposed to being Hopeful, i.e. utterly unrealistic. Continuing to cope in the old way is no longer an option. Something is different …

I’m still living in a world undergoing a constant “barrage of lies”, this handy phrase, which encapsulates the predicament within which I’m attempting to survive. I didn’t choose my situation, I was born into it. So I can’t be blamed for “IT”, this world I was ejaculated into in the existentialist catchword of Jean-Paul’s, I grew up in and am now seeking to escape from- if that’s remotely possible. Haha remote, pass me the remote … another glint of hope …

But- I’m surrounded by this “barrage of lies”. Where, when and why? More to the point- Who? It’s not “natural” in as much as it’s anti-human therefore it can’t be part of natural processes of life on this plant. Some human activities are unnatural even tho’ done by humans, who are all conceivably part of this natural world and whose actions are deemed natural. But if some enablers, human “agents” being directed by some collective organising force are/have been warped/twisted/, then their actions are NOT natural and my point is that if a warping process, a kind of “warp field” is in place NOT metaphorically because it’s real and not virtual- its outcomes are totally real and not virtual as I can vouch, then I have to posit some force or process causing this warping/twisting process and continuing to maintain its efficacy to organise over quite long periods of time.

These enablers know what they’re doing to some extent and continue as long as they can. They see rewards for themselves and their kith and kin I guess.

What it is is not for me to say, only that there’s evidence of intervention … Something’s set these barrages in place, diverted the natural stream of life, to be poetic: Damned it, diverted it.

Wow, I’ve really cracked a nut open and I chew the contents. The situation is clearer now, my situation; I’ve started a journey with really tiny steps, but it’s a-started here guys, let’s roll on!

Part Two

A sense of misgiving at various events made me question the generally accepted media view of “Life, the Universe and Everything”, as per the school text books and suchlike. Realised that a lot of apparent accidents and unexplained failures in the past were better understood if they were actually planned outcomes. No need to go into details because everybody has to do their own investigative work, walk the lonely streets night after day, for weeks, months and years …

Otherwise, nothing can happen. It would just be one thing replacing another one equally as good and as valuable (or not) in someones (yours) knowledge and unless and until one does ones own legwork, following up leads to wherever it takes one in this big old world and whenever, going back several centuries if necessary! One has to get to ones own conclusion, one just cannot take anothers word for anything. It all has to be verified clearly for and to and with and even despite oneself.

The point is seeing that it appears to benefits some group so there’s the culprit/instigator. Whatever situation arises, someone benefits- maybe getting a revenue stream, or deeper intentions like creating fear or panic. It’s like “Follow the Money” but some group gains from every situation, benefits; even the apparent random ones. Nothing is random …

Why should anyone wish to “create” fear and panic? It seems inhuman even to think like this.

There’s the first obstacle right there. I must become inhuman to see what’s wrong, looking into the abyss is really scary …. there seem to be monstrous forces at work aimed at destroying me.

But I must try. Nobody else can do it for me.

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  1. During ROMAN TIMES (as if the uncle same criminals organisations aren’t still running this/shit show) THEY had the “BARRACKS EMPERORS” who were appointed by the MILITARY to ACT as a FIGUREHEAD (an ACTOR to take the blames) and always throwing their shit in our faces, THEY gave US “de BARACK OBAMA” and if THEY had thrown in a connection to ALABAMA, it wood halve BEN FRANKLI Nothing short of HILLARIUS RODHAMNED.

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