Channel the Energy

Here tomorrow is unknown and can’t be yesterday

Yesterday has gone, without goodbye.

That’s how it should be

Living in the past is futile.

Even if it were possible

I’m facing the wrong way.


I feel anger- my life’s uprooted and  powerless

I didn’t see it as so

Blinded by knowledge

Believed I knew real.

I let the rage be drawn

To the masters

Who turn the key

If I allow them.


I feel anger at the lying, the disturbance to billions of lives, initiated simply to hide a financial demolition caused by insane levels of greed and an overwhelming urge to change and to control the whole of humanity; can I let it be drawn out of me and towards those who initiated this disaster?

It’s their legacy and their fruit. Let them gorge and choke on this fruit, and leave us be.



2 thoughts on “Channel the Energy

  1. “Time for Outrage: Indignez-vous! by Stephane Hessel.” If you did not read yet, I think this is a book you should read in these days, my earthling friend. It is kind of pocket book about 35 pages. You can also read it free and online on web.

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