Truth and lies about TV virus dubbed Covid-19

This helps YOU realise Something’s strange in the neighbourhood …

Vexman's Thoughts

In the world of science, following logic is an absolute mandatory. In fact, logic ought to be applied and used in every second of one’s life and thought process, not just in the field of science, but in general. I find such excercise amusing and it forces me to evaluate all different angles before choosing one I am about to follow. You may be wondering why I am writing any of this since we all know that. So here it is, in short: what happened to people that forced them to drop logic and critical thinking process? Was it because of fear? Or was it anxiety that appeared as that tickling sensation within their skulls, giving them a feeling their brains have just demonstrated signs of true intelligence, so they swore never to use logic again? Or was it, perhaps, due to the ugly truth discovered which caused cognitive dissonance…

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