How does our Financial Oligarchy work?

I am learning much more how things have been organised for the benefit of the few and not for the many: It’s surprising this  has never been called out”. Why not- because it’s normal practice. That’s the really shocking thing about it to ignorant outsiders such as myself. My preconceptions are completely and utterly deluded: Totally.

This will be of interest only to those who can bear facing the truth about how our political system, which is sworn to uphold the law and to function to the best of its ability, does exactly that – but- and here’s the nub of the issue for me-not only simply lets us down so to speak, by functioning ineffeciently, which I already knew but to utterly eviscerate our resource base and negate the possibility of  any future prosperity: EVER.  If we don’t look behind the facade of both the UK and US respective major political parties (in the EU also?), we see we’re in utterly dire straits.


Not a word of this have I come across in UK media. Mr Osborne edits a London newspaper at present, having left the UK parliament


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