Where did we go wrong?

Looking back 20 years, another retro anniversary spectacular

TB and Gordo, strutting the stage like Godfathers

Then 10 its Dave and Gideon, another right pair

Cue now the aftermath, our daily messup.

Where did we go wrong? How did we end up here

A culdesac, oneway slope to hellon earth?

If Tony had any idea of his ‘tragedy’, he’d weep.

My friend in Ipswich, spending all on upkeep

Owes it all to Tony & Gordo, in debt peonage

Till he dies, like usall, spending or consuming

To keep the rentiers fed, their gaping maws

Ever grasping; vampires, hagfish, abusing usall.

Iraqi TB, Austerity Dave

What a pair: But we’re bound in bondage

Till we die; and our children down the line.

Tony was OK at first till he supped

On freelunches with the devil

And got dragged in- somehow hooked

Like every habit, it took more and more

Till his soul went- now we pay too.

Austerity Dave sees nowt, has no doubt

When the kitchen got hot, he went out

Left us to clearup, took to the shires

He didnt even have Tony’s heart.

So we are bound like Lear

To hell in a handcart

And no sorceror will  return

To stop the madness:

The only way is down…


“where did we go wrong?”

Kant answers this question for me in the first sentence of the essay: “Enlightenment is man’s emergence from his self-incurred immaturity.” He argues that the immaturity is self-inflicted not from a lack of understanding, but from the lack of courage to use one’s reason, intellect, and wisdom without the guidance of another. He exclaims that the motto of enlightenment is “Sapere aude”! – Dare to be wise!

The German word “Unmündigkeit” means not having attained age of majority or legal adulthood. “Unmündig” also means “dependent” or “unfree”, and another translation is “tutelage” or “nonage” (the condition of “not [being] of age”).

Kant, whose moral philosophy is centred on the concept of autonomy, here distinguishes between a person who is intellectually autonomous and one who keeps him/herself in an intellectually heteronomous, i.e., dependent and immature status.

Kant understands the majority of people to be content to follow the guiding institutions of society, such as the Church and the Monarchy, and unable to throw off the yoke of their immaturity due to a lack of resolution to be autonomous. It is difficult for individuals to work their way out of this immature, cowardly life because we are so uncomfortable with the idea of thinking for ourselves.

Kant says that even if we did throw off the spoon-fed dogma and formulas we have absorbed, we would still be stuck, because we have never “cultivated our minds.”

(Adapted from Wikipedia)





My Back Story (so far…)


A long time ago this started… much like ‘tis doing NOW… again

Various points maybe starting points, so this is another and its going to move along towards some kind of resolution, which will be our point of departure when we again go our separate ways…


I write not knowing how much further I’LL EVEN BE ALLOWED TO BE…


Again every moment and NOW… and NOW… what is it? Where…


So here we’ve a paradigm or a parameter: Maybe both. I can stop just anytime, so can you. We’re each utterlyfree to choose to continue or cease, imitating real life, living as we do…


We’re together awhile, so I suppose the first thing to clarify is, how I try to get out of distractions lyingaroundabouts  Our Good Selves, before more pressing ‘invitations’ lure us both away: Yes, me equally; these said possibilities range between probable, likely and, certain: We’ll be called away from our newlyfound relationship… by that trumpet blast, hand on collar, hand at sleeve, th’tug at heartstring or other anatomical feature… to get our wandering attention Back to Reality… and eventually,, “I’ve kicked th’ bucket over boyo!”

… but anyway that’s still offsomewhere aways in the future for us- (for, NOW, somegoodway off hopefully)- (without being over dramatic I mean), maybe even never come to pass… do We live inconstant hope of “that event” inexplicably nevercoming to pass; sadly: Unreasonably yes!

We always act as if “It” will never happen? It’s as plain as my nose and as overlooked, as certain forsure!

Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

But not to take me away for very long so I can keep on getting delayed by far more mundane breadandbutter issues, clearing the verandah of wolf-droppings, and similar distractions…  we must getourselves onwith getting on before my gettings allgone and dustedoff, left me/us hanging fitfully twisting in the breeze… me at least totally unfulfilled… you too perhaps equallyso…only you can say about that.


… and I repeat theres similarities here being reflected back- I must keep on with this job in hand; so my dear companion must you- Surprise, Surprise! Didn’t expect that did you, to be addressed so confidently as a “hail fellow wellmet by sunlight on this momentary side by side suddenly arminarm journeying alongbothtogetherhere!” didyounow? Me neither,haha.

And indeed it reminds usboth that this “whatever it is”, is a twoway process, like a sort of introductory handleshaking procedure as we grapple for ascendency as to which of us is superior, when we’re both suchminorpeas in some Bigbiggerbag, not individuals at all, as yet… and yet we both strive as soon as we clap eyes together as to whose following whom and whose BiggerTopDog today… as ever t’was back in the days of yore…

Funny old game as someone once said. I don’t know if it was my dear old dad but lets pretend for momento, that indeed it was ‘He who shall be obeyed’ my Dad. So instead of the moment being full of promise, as a springdawn frisking about joyfully in the dew, we try to grapple for ascendency in a meaningless and ultimately pointless scorelessdraw sort of way, which merely tires us and spoils the rest of itall, until whatever it possesses in potential will soon surely endup as dead as Schroedingers kittycat- and then we’ll be just looking for an out, as soon as weve just bloody met!

That’s what so often starts to unshine events init, eh?…

Absolutely unique moments are few and far between. Why?

Answers on a postacard to the usual address please…

Time for a brief interlude I think. I parlay these smutches’ of operatic airs jazzed up by our resident ensemble for you to have some downtime to mull over this pouring gooily over you, here, being ‘The story so far’; primarily so as you don’t get too mixed up with the different characters popping in and out without much intro as a rule sotospeak… so spend time wif me…and just see how we goalongo…

Seriously tho’ they aren’t actually ‘operatic airs’ as youso rightly guessed. It keeps the wrong kind of eavesdropping windowsitters as far away as we get them, well out of earshot; and if They persist in droppingby asandwhen They almost inevitably do, luckily, owing to various financial constringencies, these First Level Operatives are hardly above metallic droneheads, unable to initiate any analysis of content, holding a mere watching brief and cued into highlighting certain keynote phrases; hence the probability it can easily get sidetracked safely off among the long grass whispers by a savvy use of a spurious ‘operatic’ link which Ive cunningly underscored again by repeating it: Operatics ahoy boyo we say!

So if we liken something completely innocuous as being our bag, we’ll be left alone a littlelonger and who indeed knows, (only He who Knows All actually knows of course), we might be able to really engage together as confident individuals with responsibilities go about managing our local area of creation in a sustained and effective way, on an insignificant scale…

Put like that, our first footing may well be a Significant Moment in this section of our lifescape, this being our erstwhile journey tracking across over, across and through in the sense of beyond the woebegone wilderness of “European Life in the 21st century”; beforenow alls gone by uselessly except insofar as it brought us together atall… so had some meaning in this NOW and herescape as the route to the Yelo Brick Rd…


Here I can say, (shining a small glimmer of light), don’t you, like myself, believe nothings truly wasted so long as one behaves in an allround responsible way with ones conscience as ones guide? Most of the time tis true; we are all to a greater or lesser extent guilty of behaving irresponsibly; even totally irrationally: But all is not entirely lost if some goodishend comes out of it. But on the other hand, who can say finally one way or t’other until the moment comes of Large Laddie Singing? And an increasing number of Blessed Souls is unable to activate their conscience; so they neednt bother their tiny minds with Big Issues: They stick to the nittygrity stuff like world domination and making shedloads of mazuma and “passing on everything to their descendants”, so they can sleep easy at night because they haven’t any cares in the world and asyet theyve come across none hereabouts so far… so don’t even bloodytry to build any up buddyboy…

But Time in its farseeing democratic fullness will someday/soon, taptaptap at their windows too..

.. but Here, alonger way down this Long and Winding Road that takes us, the favoured few, along Ozwards…Ive a troupe of what I call ‘my helpers’ who fetch and carry with me and occasionally they lift me to my knees from a prostrate position where I cried myself into a broken moment of slumber. Its ‘They’ as a team who do whats necessary, cajole, pleading, begging me, to “Get on with it”, when Ive come to yet another standingstockstill moment of reverence… wondering what next to do? As if I don’t always know deep down what Im desperately avoiding- I simply refuse to acknowledge it- which returns before I remain lost for too much longer…most of the times


NOW its not by any means cut and dried as Barbecue said, mustbe worked at like every bloody thing: If there was nothing to be done we’d already be up there in ParadiseCity; then whats interesting, is it all plain sailing, fruit falling off the trees, balmy breezes, nubile ladies, great pals, whatever strokes one fancy sotospeak- take your particular pickmeup, and idle away some time making your personal Top Twenty… not going to happen tho… dreamon dreamer, dream on…


All that and more m’lud.


And so the dialogue of the deaf continues apace- only joking as youre just a bit tuned into me here, momentarily… lets see howmuch…


Back to a previous point then: Assuming for a moment that we’re happy to go along together for awhile doing stuff like authors and readers have done since back in the day whenever Moses showed his tribe the BigDecalogue at the footsie of Mount Sinai, when he was mightily affronted by their backsliding after only forty years in The Desert mind and smashed their fatted calves to fragments.

“Follow me” said Big Mo


I show some of what I intend and persuade you its worth dallying awhile, as I recount my backstory from Day Uno along this track/path I followed to get here. At the same time Im trying, manfully as possible, to get clues and hints of what an equally valid common or garden chap might have had for their routemap to some equally valid vantage point; sowhere what Im telling and saying chimes with their (his/her/you/your) experience to some extent, if not categorically, insofar as we can ever convincingly relate things in our perspective of common humanity… if we can try to imagine that as a real thing…


Having said that it could equally be described as ‘uncommon humanity’ owing to the rapidly escalating e-requirements in our presentday lives, which add up to a bucket of slops you wouldnt let a pig near and which cant help having a severely deleterious effect on ones inner functioning and overall mental stability. As we live it often seems how said slops are the very pinnacle of cordonbluehood and the instinctive retching one exhibits is something one can only overcome with steely determination and a desire to fit in with the herd at all costs… forcing oneself into the grooves… “how groovy” we used so say; ironic now… scoffing the said sloppsup…


So ones caught between the proverbials and cant decide which of several various paths to take and ends up sitting at the crossroads waiting for The Man… who never comes along natch… so one feels alternately tired, miserable and bored witless… until sundown strikes its bell… time to head up wooden stairs…to catch the Mystery Train…


So briefly whats the recipe today? How to do the right thing instinctively without being hamstrung by doubt. Briefly that’s it.

Walk on! in the old Taoist way. Rightly so.


Easier said than done- but tis the only way. Simple but not easy as someone is always saying cutely: Easy to be hard…

How can we possibly deal sensibly with each other when we’ve only met in a manner of speaking and not in the flesh? Common sense must be the glue and trust- but in what?? You? Who am I?

Is it just so uncommon these days and times to meet anyone who has simple common sense and decency.

Answers on a postcard please, to the usual address.











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