Salmon ‘aquaculture’ and its many casualties

I cant say I LIKE this posting but its another wake-up call about how we “manage” our environment. Truly frightening repercussions… for us all i.e. the richer as well as the already poorer


Salmon is viewed by many consumers as a healthy addition to their weekly shopping list. Rich in protein, it also provides Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, generally considered to be essential components in any balanced diet. However, a fact which may surprise shoppers is that farm-raised salmon actually contains a level of fat three times greater than its wild alternative. For instance, a Sunday Times analysis found that a Sainsbury’s Scottish oak smoked salmon made from farmed fish is comprised of 14g of fat per 100g, whereas a margarita pizza from Pizza Express contained a comparatively modest 6.4g per 100.

The general health of farmed salmon is also a contentious issue. In the wild, weak or ill salmon are unlikely to live past infancy as predators will capture the fish which are too slow to keep pace with the ‘run’. As there are no predators within the confines of…

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