The reason why our world is dying: the ongoing financial war behind all wars

I’m stilll reeling from the analysis of the system as it is, as it’s been created. I just can’t believe it was accidental yet I can’t quite believe that it was planned this way. Was it??

Global Political Analysis


foreclosed globe new 2On this blog several posts are focussing on the topic of private Banks creating money out of nothing – with special regard to [1] and [2] – offering analyses on the far-reaching social-economic consequences of the financial system built upon such practice.

In a genuinely democratic world, mainstream academia and media would address this subject with top priority and would warn the public of the alarming global trend arising from a global financial system that is ruled and exploited by an unelected minority, yet this discussion is excluded even from the curricula and textbooks of related studies.

Due to the special and global relevance of this issue – affecting all countries with the imminent and persistent threat of the same Debt Crisis as the one that led to annexation of Greece [1,3] – here we rephrase and outline again the formerly elaborated main points, along with the implications we…

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