The Invisible Holocaust of Democracies

Devastating critique from Peter. It’s not for the faint hearted though


Kiefer, Man under a pyramid 1996

[The following is an extract from the Introduction to a Black Dossier of over 100 pages I have compiled. It attempts to document the crimes against humanity, mass murders and atrocities committed by democratically elected regimes since 1942-1945. These crimes amount to an invisible holocaust very few people really know or talk about. They are usually not mentioned in school history lessons. They are the contemporary part of the collective shadow of industrial capitalism, consumerism and affluence that reaches back to the genocides of historical European colonialism that began with Columbus. Sources have again been omitted because WordPress won’t let me cut and paste them in with the text. Painting ‘Man under a Pyramid’ by German artist Anselm Kiefer.]

We now increasingly live, whether we know it or not, in two worlds: in our small, private human-scale worlds and in the non-human-scale world of global Empire, and these are inextricably…

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