Conspectus for a Global Transformation Dialogue Website

I think this is certainly possible and surely something must be done soon


oxfam- 85 richest own as much as 3.5 billion poorest

[Happy New Year, folks. Here’s an idea. Some folks I’m involved with are in the process of discussing something similar. Will keep you posted if anything comes of it.]

Conspectus for a Global Transformation Dialogue Website


To find, through dialogue, common ground and narrative among activists and concerned individuals regarding changing the system in order to save the planet and humanity by creating a global democracy and self-managed, fair-and-sharing economy within the ecological limits of the biosphere

PREMISES (Why do we need global transformation?)

• We are heading towards total climate and ecological collapse and this would mean the collapse of global civilization and the beginning of a dark age in human evolution

• Our global economic system, its dependence on fossil fuels and its lack of social justice and true democracy, is the main cause of this threat

• We need ‘system change, not climate change’: we need…

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