THE SATURDAY ESSAY: Are you for the Concave or Convex Society?

I dont agree with everything John says here but I defend his right to express his view while it’s still allowed ( for how much longer we wonder?)There’s a lot of sense here but alas, alas, most of “US” are too busy being distracted etc etc…

The Slog.

This is the mathematical definition of convex optimisation:

The study of how to make a good choice when confronted with conflicting requirements

I saw this last week and was quite intrigued: first, because it uses the word convex; and second because it sounds like Benthamism applied to mathematics –a good choice when confronted with conflicting requirements.

In the 21st Century West, we live in concave societies. A concave society looks like this:

concaveptfogOn the surface at the top there, there’s some daylight when it comes to information – but most citizens are somewhat foggy about what it all means. Either side of the fog are the folks who think. They’re on solid ground in full sunshine. So there’s a minority of Grounded people, and a large majority of people too busy, distracted or dense to care one way or another. These are the Foggy people.

They have cold…

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