Digital Alienation 2


banksy_free what are you looking at

[Part 2 of the Digital Alienation essay. Image by Banksy]

The Utopia of Total Capitalism

Total capitalism can be envisaged as a super-organism or series of Russian dolls, with each level nested within the next higher. We are fast approaching a generalised market society of isolated singles and transient couples or blended/virtual ‘families’ living inside artificially cocooned screen worlds sitting inside globally homogenised, hyper-urban high-rise environments. These are totally dominated by capital and commodities and devoid of even the last vestiges of plants and animals apart from a few rats, cockroaches and a few other wily generalists. Digitally spread out everywhere, we are in fact nowhere (Greek u-topia: no-place). We are in an oxymoronic abstract space called ‘cyberspace’, a space both material (copper wires, electromagnetic waves etc.) and immaterial. This dystopian nowhere of abstraction is capitalism’s concrete utopia. It is the technological expression of the abstract materialism of its…

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