“Words” part uno

“I gotta use words when I talk to you”

Words are given to various items in our surroundings from whenever we can start to retain and repeat them. We learn and are taught a language appropriate to our environment, when we are very young and impressionable sponges, unable to defend ourselves adequately from the input.

I’ve had to work backwards and to get most of this alone by myself. I think I now have what I needed to know back then but it’s taken 60 years to get “here” and I wish it could have been even 30 years ago. I think it’s mostly true for everybody too; which begins to explain why and how it is that things are in such a mess worldwide- perhaps. Maybe I’m wrong about this/that.

Maybe it explains this deep human wish to be allowed at least another shot, in the modern lingo m’lud, having a surreptitious belief in reincarnation or an afterlife including a heaven  of some description, appropriate for the age range of the said participanter…

A lad of 10 doesn’t want to be in a heaven appropriate for a 30/40/65 year older and vice versa.

What gives a person a sense of satisfaction whatever their situation. The cards they’re dealt? There’s unlimited unfairness on all sides and the default position is not  “To help ones Brother or Sister whenever possible” …

Anyway I’ve got to this point, wherevever it is, eventually, so well done and all that, deep sense of achievement blah blah but better late than never ( positive feedback syndrome; but maybe I’d be happier if I’d never found out zilch just continued blithely along in my ignorance, staring at the ground under my feet and never been drawn to consider the way ahead: which cannot be expressed in words anyway.

Or maybe I can pull something out of the fire/puddle/mud before it’s completely lost bringing a dramatic sense to the predicament I’m presented with as a given: So, is there time before the bomb goes off and I’m hauled/wheeled/collapse offstage answering my curtain call as this key player (in my personal view as everyone else m’lud) from contending in the Game of Life haha… boom boom geddit ???

Feeling a sense of disappointment at my not exactly Terrible Situation compared with most people on this benighted planet,who have and will never ever have a hundredth piece of what I have, including the luxury of setting this little paper boat afloat into the Ethersphere to lift off God Knows where or to be squashed by random Bigfoot squelch.


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