Climate Chaos- the Subjective Dimension


banksy warming regent's canal london 0713
[Part of something I wrote for local consumption when global CO2 emissions passed 400 ppm last year. Image: Banksy, Regent Canal, London]

1. When I think or read about climate chaos, I feel a mixture of the following (and you?):

Anger (against the order-givers, ‘the people’, myself)

Fear (of losing the most valuable qualities of life in nature and society, for my grandson’s future)

Sorrow (at what we’ve already lost, are losing and will lose)

Despair (that it’s too late, that no one will act together to radically change the system)

Guilt (at my own over-consumption beyond my fair earth share)

Overwhelm (at the multi-levelled complexity and interdependence of all the issues and crises)

Need for Comic Relief (from the overwhelm)

Self-righteous vindication (for having preached and warned for almost 40 years)

Motivation to act (to preach, to reduce consumption, to change the system producing ecocide)

Hope (in the basic…

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