GLOBAL ECONOMIC REALITY: Why we no longer need gut feel to sense the Bust

Verypowerful stuff John Wards take on near future very tence indeed it looks. Help!!😯

The Slog.


The writing on the wall street construction is as big as it gets

I suspect that Wolf at Testosterone Pitwas one of the first out of the blocks last week to start calling The Bust, and Nasdaq bloodletting merely the overture to it. I followed within 36 hours, chiefly because having reached such a decision many times previously, I didn’t want to be caught wolf-whistling too early yet again.

A big lesson we have all learned over the last five years is that there are two ways to change reality in the 21st century: hitech media use, and money. A lot of the time they are used with great effect together, and the effect is to remove any and all faith in what we used to call The Fundamentals of any market. And despite this learning curve having at least some positive effect, lessons lead to lesions: my own…

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