Introduction to ‘Echoes of Autonomy’

Thank you Peter.
I will read the essays and take comfort there, I’m certain.


Occupy sep 17 ballerina on bull
[This is the introduction to a collection of my essays, ‘Echoes of Autonomy’, that I hope I might be able to get someone interested in publishing some day…Never know your luck.]

This is no time to ignore Warnings/This is no time to Clear the Plate/ Let’s not be sorry after the fact and let the past become our fate/This is no time to turn away and drink or smoke some vials of crack/ This is the time to gather force and take dead aim and Attack/This is no time for Celebration/This is no time for Saluting Flags/ This is no time for Inner Searchings/ The future is at hand/ This is no time for Phony Rhetoric/ This is no time for Political Speech/ This is the time for Action because the future’s Within Reach/ This is the time (Lou Reed , ‘There Is No Time’, CD New York 1989)


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