Mu, by Maezumi Roshi

Buddhism now

Hotei (布袋), the god of abundance & health, at Kuwata-jinja (桑田神社 the 'Mulberry Field Shrine'). Photo: © @KyotoDailyPhoto In this commentary on the koan Mu, Master Mumon says, ‘Concentrate yourself into mu, making your whole body, with its 360 bones and joints and 84,000 pores, one great question. Day and night, without ceasing, keep digging into it. Do not interpret it as “nothingness” or as “being” or “nonbeing.” It must be like a red-hot iron ball which you have gulped down and which you try to vomit up, but cannot. Cast away all delusive thoughts and feelings which you have cherished up to the present. After a while, your efforts will come to fruition naturally, and inside and out will become one. You will then be like a dumb person who has had a wonderful dream: he knows it within himself but he cannot speak of it. Suddenly mu breaks open and astonishes the heavens and shakes the earth . . . Then, though you may stand on…

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