Double Standards and the Left



Double Standards and the Left

The mindset of the Left and progressively inclined people (social democrats, liberals) derives from the Enlightenment tradition of critique and self-critique. This is where this text is also coming from.

An im- or explicitly moral critique of the double standards and hypocrisy of the Right is central to the progressive critique of the current social and economic system. We know that the Right’s (or at least the democratic Right’s) espoused values and theories are constantly contradicted by their own interest and practice of maintaining class power, wealth and privilege.

We know the Right’s purported core value of ‘freedom’, ‘liberty’, the ‘free world’, ‘democracy’ is actually embodied in an oligarchic system run by corporate and political elites which engages in wars of aggression and resource control, torture and kidnapping, total surveillance, executive murder and secret state activity outside the rule of law, support for ‘our’ thugs…

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