“Dark, dark dark we all go into the dark..”

This is a quote adapted from some piece by the renegade US poet and anglophile known as T S Eliot. I think that he was on an underground platform waiting for a train to Cockfosters when the line came to him. I’ve stood in exactly the same position and thought how much like him I am. Standing beside one line and wishing I was somewhere else- and indeed- already safe and tucked in bed at my presumed destination.

It’s human nature to want to be elsewhere. Sometimes it was the Last Train to Clarkesville that I have watched slowly disappear into the tunnel…

Then I think of Deneb, alpha Cygnus. Over three thousand light years away; so, whenever I wish to be elsewhere than where I am I think how far away Deneb is and it brings me slowly drifting back to earth. “Now make that phone call you’ve been putting off”, I say to my Dark Passenger who’s trying to undermine all my good intentions by  his endless procrastinations, like a diverting Marty Feldman figure…

There’s so much simply and totally unknown- unknowns are all (presumably) all round us. 95% of the universe is either dark energy or dark matter- and hardly anyone knows what that even means. Are we surrounded by an all-enveloping, invisible ocean to which we’re entirely insensible. Dr Feynman my guru can’t give me any help either. He’s gone and left me swirling about…

Wow indeed! Pass that marimba to me sonny jim.  I need to get into the groove. Johnny Cage style though…lots of pauses… looking for the gaps in the surroundings that betrays the scenery being adjusted carefully to keep me mystified…


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