Equal and opposite- and interchangeable. What an amazing place to be tho! Our universe of the bleeding obvious: It is not actually obvious atall. So much for my back to being childlike.

The world we see is an illusion, albeit a highly persistent one. We have gradually got used to the idea that nature’s true reality is one of uncertain quantum fields; that what we see is not necessarily what is. Dark matter is a profound extension of this concept. It appears that the majority of matter in the universe has been hidden from us. That puts physicists and the general public alike in an uneasy place. Physicists worry that they can’t point to an unequivocal confirmed prediction or a positive detection of the stuff itself. The wider audience finds it hard to accept something that is necessarily so shadowy and elusive. The situation, in fact, bears an ominous resemblance to the aether controversy of more than a century ago.

Of course Im not allatsea here- Ive met Auntie Maya before with Her strange ways of behaving… as if … and contrariwise… both at once in the same time and spacey!!
But its unnerving nonetheless for all of us as “Were all in it Together, to co-opt a wellworn phrase from elsewhere…

To live in a universe that is largely inaccessible is to live in a realm of endless possibilities; for better or worse. Till death do us part in fact.


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