So most of what ‘There is Outhere’ is invisible: Axiom Uno.

I don’t know what to expect so Im trying to be a little more open, to just observe. I try not to impose my viewpoinut onto my perspective: Sense not with but through my senses hence a version of ‘common sense’ so defined… as by accident design appears…

Im already beginning to get somewhere as you see/ sense.


“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is—infinite.
For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things through narrow chinks of his cavern.”

Intro to my second helper: Willums! Hey there guys – as ‘hes’ duodecimal- multifaceted the nearest to Eastern mystery that I can cope with. My main man in a nutshell, sort of trying to take me back to a childlike pov for my edification before Time runs out.

Racing with the devil roaring in the deep like Rintrah, against Time in his winged chariot and swishing sword to unman me or cleave me into … dust as we all end up scattered on the shores of a sunless sea and only Krshna my aide de camp to light my pyre… and weep a solitary… Krshna my mate, help me here… O you cant exactly I remember NOW

But as you see theres a few of the GoodGuys at my beck if only I remember to ask for help: Not to be too bigpigheaded is  Rule Numero Uno: Ask and it will be given unto you… something will come…

…if you ask in the right way of course. It’s a world of possibilities- or rather A World of Possibilities! Its all equal and opposite, probable and improbables existing side by side.

To paraphrase: “The Tao that can be expressed in words is not the eternal Tao”, so very difficult is also very easy and all paradoxes are eternally present in our quantum universe in fullness of timespace.

I/we cant ‘work it out’ therefore and am/are not expected to alone but have a core team of allies. Otherwise I’d be utterly sunk all afloat in a wide open ocean under a burning sun without water.

As it is its hard enough. I do have a raft of sorts and a tin opener but little else- certainly nothing like a map!!

So this stuff- what does it matter – (see Willums, got another one in there)

Whatever the nature of dark matter, the evidence remains overwhelming in favor of it, but just what it is remains a mystery. Dark matter really matters, but don’t be fooled by those telling you we’re on the brink of finding it; that’s only true if it happens to be one of the few forms we’re actively looking for! Most of the candidates we’ve imagined — to be quite frank — we don’t even know how to detect in principle!

I return to my first and only point so far: What are the consequences of living somewhere where most things are hidden from us? Energy and matter; as Uncle Albert said, they are interchangeable – normal matter is.


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