These words at the beginning…


“Thirteen ways of looking at a threadbare document prior to eating and inwardly digesting it”

If the universe (whatever that means-for discussion later on) were to be full of or consist mostly of dark matter, for arguments sake, what else could we say, apart from the bleeding obvious?
I don’t know nor care about what I cant see… so to speak…
Theres no experimental verification, its like discussing ghosts and psychic phenomena. One has a view which cant be verified… another not got any view as yet (not interested perhaps?)

What follows from it though? Teasing out a thread from inside this kind of labyrinth? Out of interest perhaps to while away a moment in the waiting room…
To me it seems that its like the life I knew as a child when the Universe- which was copiously populated by a catholic hierarchy of saints, sinners, guardian angels, in other words the whole panoply; so where I feel Im at NOW is in a similar placey…
It feels familiar firstly. I know some of it- it makes a sort of consistent sense and so a little bit, I am prepared for extrapolating things-imagining, worrying over- that I will find more out about later, like Hell Frozen Over and good-evil reversals. My horizons have shifted so that in effect Im freer than I was before, when I denied all this hogwash and consigned it to St Elsewhere…
Although Im apparently NOW circumscribed withinside this complex antiquated system of interlinked, geocentric shapes, most of which I know nothing about, Im consequently unboby the unknown unknowns just off screen but projected onto/into- like shadows onto a cave wall as Uncle Aristocles put it- so their shadowy influence impinges into my unconscious awareness almost subliminally.

Its an advance; though Im in a foggy blanket and it doesn’t feel like it… exactly yet it is and I am…

Or something like that at least. And it’s a different place from before I entered this Thought Experiment.

Uncle Albert taught me about these: How to step outside the little boxes were consigned to by various bureaucrapping agencies. “Stay put!” is their First Commandment, dont move unexpectedly.



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