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1901, Oct. 3 – He died at the age of only 59.


“”If,” he said (it was one of his last utterances)– “if, in the future, there are any inquiries about me, say, ‘I live in my books.’””
– Edward A. Petherick (1904)

Equal and Opposite

            Pre the intro, re the intro…

I have to thank all those who brought me to this point, where I’m so keyed up I’m gagging on my words. It’s been so long since I escaped out into print you see.

Of course the first one’s for the big one- Mr Big Himself- GOD. I can literally and most sincerely say that I wouldn’t be either sitting on this plane NOW nor sitting here later on the same planet, writing down a word by word resume of what I think about the whole enchilada, if it weren’t for his initial impetus. I could quote from some of the stuff I’ve served up to him over this last half century and at a rate not adjacent to time and a quarter but it’s mostly dry and dusty and unopened- only joking.

So goddam touchy, I’m not complaining. Don’t worry.

But there honestly was no bloody response. I’m just not complaining about it.

One Monday morning he switched the light on and Lo! A hundred million billion years later or so I’m patching into my state of the art lappy. Blooming marvellous! If I’m not too unlucky I might get some moments of fame as well as some euros for my trouble haha ….

We’ll soon at that crucial topic sentence folks, where the first pungent whiff gives you a starting point. It gives you a choice; have I got an urge to continue or to race off to the little room. I’m going to say, for the sake of argument, that it started once upon a time. Now that doesn’t mean that it really did start there or then but we gotta pick a spot to dance round. We can’t keep wandering on and on looking for a place to shake hands and begin our duel to the death.

It’s not that kind of story atch: I mean it’s not a fairy tale set in modern times  …

Spose I mean that there is/are more than one beginning to the story and so to focus on one is a partial fallacy. It might start when I’m born or my parents or theirs and then by procession of events all back to my father in law Adamdamnman. So you see that is a problem if you know at the same time I’m trying to be accurate and “Tell the Truth” …

It started a long time ago when I was in Miss Blenkinsop’s Junior class. We had extra writing to do because someone had crapped behind the bike sheds again- and nobody would own up this time. It had to be dredged out somehow …

You see I’m doing the bit where the fatted calf returns with his/her pockets bulging with wealth and all the rest except, I’m still thin and my pockets are visibly slack and my moods one approaching exasperation at how many times my delivery’s been marked to follow; but I’m game enough to pick my time and place with my mobile and to go out there to get another few shots. You’d think that by now I’d be writhing on the floor at the number of times I’ve been given the runaround but I do enjoy a challenge: And I do my share of writhing, I assure you …

– I just want to know why the person who did it, did it. None of us was going to fall for that one Miss. We’d been done that way many times before …

– If someone thinks that they know who did it- or who might have done it- I’ll be looking at the reports again… she let that one hang for a moment like a wriggly worm. Might get a taker there. Lots of time to kill before afternoon break. If she let us have it at all. I put my hand up.

– Miss I think I might know something. Her eyes swivelled to lock on mine: I practiced calm empty mind, the only way …

– My little Nemo. Good boy. I can see another A* coming up. Damn those to damnation who go against the spirit of the rule of  law. That’s what we say isn’t it Nemo?

I had to keep quiet for that. I looked as worried as I dared. This would need confirmation. Would anyone else follow my lead?

– I was round there this morning when I locked my bike and I thought I saw a shadow of someone in the long grass, Miss. How fresh was it, Miss?

That would make her think a bit. What could she say? Kids always found this subject fascinating.

I looked away to the window to take a deep breath of relief. She must think I’m pondering deeply on that mythical shadow in the long grass. I’d noticed traces of movement- some flattened down patches-when I’d actually looked to check how the hoopoe nestlings were getting on. So in my mind I panned over the area focussing on my empty mind: Don’t let her see those little birdies …

Her eyes swept the room. Now was the moment for divine intervention or we’d miss our ten minutes in the sunshine. I had to keep a lid on the feeling or she’d react to that too. Empty mind, empty mind. Then someone spoke …

– Sorry to interrupt you Sir. Would you like a drink? Bloody Hell. The hostess had arrived. I was miles away. And years away. That was travelling indeed! Wish I could market it somehow- make a fortune. At least. Maybe several habloodyhaha …

I picked something hot for now and something cold for later on. She decided to leave both now to save me waiting for someone to come round again. I sipped from each in turn. Seemed a good idea. My mind was drawn back down through the years but it was like the Time Tunnel. It ended up in a slightly different crossroad of spacetime each time round.

Confused? You will be! I sure was/am …

Part the First ~ In the beginning are the words…

Here I am then flying on a plane and sitting on the ground at the same time! Talk about confusing! It’s all relative tho as dear old Uncle Albert said, is the earth moving or only the cart? The plane journey is safely in the past now, all done and dusted. I’m sitting later on collecting the bits and pieces together and making them into a pile for the bonfire this evening. ( set fire to the day’s work at nightfall each day. The start of each evening’s celebrations- I find it helps me the next day to start with a fresh pile of paper … )

I’m returning to my origins of course as we all do sooner or later if we’re really lucky, so I tell myself. (Or unlucky son!) I’ve been away far too long- of course I’ll admit that first. Now when should I say that and to whom? Dad? The ostensible Head of Family. That will please him no end I hope. I’ll say how I wish I’d had the courage to do as you did, to grit your teeth and stay. I’ll say… yes I’ll say I ran off to safety and here I’m back and also big enough to admit it. I’m grown up enough for that now. Be open and honest, got nothing to hide. I’m wondering when I got the idea to leave anyway; when I decided to evade the encroaching nets. When I noticed it. When was it … roughly …

If I think back hard I can just about remember it first whacking into me one day like a train. At school a few years later and there I was sitting idly in a science lesson: Sir was banging on about dear Old Isaac, bless him, starring in one of those cameo roles, going through his laws of motion- discovering them over again. All of them. Three apples, three laws count the bumps 1,2,3. Now I’m sure I’m not alone in having had to learn to develop a sort of coping apparatus for processing gump like they dumped onto me/you/us at regular intervals. For some reason Newton’s laws seemed to keep returning under various file names, in different connexions again and again during those long years when I was first condemned to serving time inside schoolrooms …

It was something that we had all sure as Hell had to get used to right from day uno, absolutely had to I say, obeying orders conveyed from on high; however contradictory and confusing they seemed to our uninformed, naïve minds, it was important to follow and obey them without question. There was no more dangerous cry to get both Sir and Miss on your back than for someone to accuse you of ‘not following orders’.

– Nemo, just do it lad! Paint it, white first then back to black. White. Black. What I say when I say. Now please. Jump. Sit. Write. Run.

I hear again a selection of some of my favourite phrases from yesteryear. It’s just like when I stroll down memory lane with my old dansette playing vinyl. They have an annoying habit tho these phrases, in that every now and then one of will interrupt my scheduled times for r’n’r- in other words they haunt my night and I wake up sweating again. I hear them uttered generations later and I wonder if they are having any effect that I no longer notice …

From our earliest days at school, we did just what we were told and learnt what we were told. No more, no less. After that, what we did with their facts and the information, after we had passed our tests, was entirely up to us. It was as if the stuff itself was “value free” and of no intrinsic worth, after it learnt us good grades. Unfortunately, one day I heard someone jokingly call out one of my absolute favourites, as I passed on my way to my next feeding lesson at the troughs of knowledge:

– Inwardly digest you little bastard!

Some of this gump has been swimming around in my mouth since then for a long time now and you might say I’m fed up. What’s more my jaw’s sore. Chew, chew, chew.

– Don’t bolt your food, Laddie. Chew it carefully, and get the goodness out.

So good boy me, I chewed it and chewed it very carefully and diligently indeed and I’ve come up with this bolus in my mouth.

– Spit it out laddie. Don’t be shy. Come in and sit down. We won’t bite. Well not all of us, haha…only Miss Blenkinsop and she’s outside- looking for you I hear! Hahaha, only joking. Like to see you jump. Not really. Have some rooibos tea. It’s good and strong by now.

So. There I sat a good boy amid others repeating my first day again, still gazing with open adoration at them, the present masters and mistresses of my newest universe, reminding me somehow of previous ones in my past. I’d brought along some of my certificates and diplomas as I’d been told, to prove that I had learnt enough while I was having my batteries charged up to scratch. God, this new job takes me back to years ago, when I was being prepared for this second leg of this lifelong journey I embarked on at birth. My last first day at school. Day Uno as a resident warder I was returning to my previous haunt…

I’d like to get on with the main point but it seems that my timetable says otherwise, as right at the beginning, I’m breaking my journey for a moment, to stretch my legs and get some air into my lungs. Starting with a free period! what luck! I’ve got to set the scene, give you a bit of background as they say. So start with the scenery. The place. Person, place, event. The Unities- thanks Sir for reminding me ….

But what about me then? I’m the host and it would be very remiss of me not to at least try to make you welcome. You won’t relax and sit back to listen to the sound of my voice, unless you feel a little more secure, or less insecure, safe and warm in my company.

I recognise this current way station, to be a bog-standard staffroom, which has put in many years of distinguished service. Probably due to get a plaque soon. It’s ironic, you know where I’m forced to pause for a breath of fresher air, at this tiny halt in an insignificant dorpihood, in this staff waiting room perilously poised just outside the outskirts of our glorious civilisation, could near enough be a clone of one belonging to the very same school I was sentenced to spend those wasted years of my youth. Auspicious or what?

Overcome with emotion I stumble to the balcony and drag down some murky air into my heaving chest. It’s such a relief at being outside for a while so that despite feeling dizzy, I am also sorely tempted to jump the fence and pour forth in song! Now that wouldn’t do on my first day here. I’ve got this monster debt to repay to society that’s why. They’re not that desperate they’ll allow me to skive off … No Way!

Bloody Hell! I nearly got carried away there, nearly lost it. Better not let it happen again. It’s these little tastes of freedom though, now and then, that will tend to set me off. I know that you never can get enough once you’ve been incarcerated. Funny that. The wanting to sing I mean. Like a dove. Yes, I volunteered to return for a special offer for a limited period trial term! Am I mad? However much they pay me! Howls of derision I hear from you! Lamb to the slaughter. Tell me to take their money and scarper. I let them pay me a joining fee too, so now of course I’m utterly hooked in John Lee …

I take my cup of murky tea and look for someone to talk to or alternatively, just somewhere to sit. Thinking back in time as I go round the room looking at how little has changed, I can’t say that I remember a lot of what I did and occupied myself with, during my long first stretch; but I do know that almost all of my time I was wearing short trousers. I was probably sitting there one sunny day before the war, pretending to be at least fairly professional; in other words if challenged I could repackage the last sentences; well more like regurge actually. Depended a bit on Sir’s mood that was, because erratically he suffered whims of having to scourge those apparently staring back cheekily at him; but if you took the right tack downwind, a cunning plan might deflect the divine flood of his wrath- ten cents to a pound some other poor bugger’d would get an asteroid/piece of chalk in their ear instead …

Someone just had to. It was the nature of the game. It seemed that every day someone had to suffer slow torture in that dirty stinky science lab, always smelling of chemicals, where schoolboys were- even then when doing A levels- usually quite sensibly thinking hard about something completely different …

– Bloody Hell! I ejaculated quietly under my breath- transported hundreds of thousands of light years from far reaches of deep space. Hundreds of thousands of light years I swear. What if Isaac’s ideas about motion referred to people as much as they did to atoms and molecules? People remained at rest or were persuaded to move an kept in straight lines until stopped by friction or obstacles- the first law. If acted on by a force people changed direction in response to that force- the second. This action produced an equal and opposite reaction- the third. I had to have time to think this out. Had I even got the nub of it?

– Something you’d care to share with us, young man? His tone laced across my cheek drawing blood. He’d been trying to nail me for a while, on and off; unsuccessfully so far. Go on the counter attack.

– Only me stomach, sorry Sir I think someone’s been at the phenolphthalein in the Dorms. It’s only a rumour, mind…

His face darkened, him being responsible for the dangerous chemicals in stock and parents always writing to the Brigadier to complain about their sons’ run of runs at the vaguest whimper. He grimaced at me.

– Permission to skive off. Here’s a pass. Go see Matron. Find out if it’s true and if it is, I may let you off your detention.

– But Sir, I did all my work. Every bit and the diagrams. Took me hours.

– Pence you mean. So you say. I think you paid Fraser. I recognise his lettering. I’m a scientist. Point taken? And you don’t even stay in the Dorms anymore … now voetsak/get lost! He waves me away …

I left before he laid into me any more. I went and looked through Matron’s window; she signalled me to return in ten minutes. She must have been having a smoke break. I sat on a bench in the Quad. I had a note and could plead an attack of waves of nausea- if anyone queried.

I practised several pained expressions and brooded awhile on my bench in the shade …

Event 2020 at end of Phase 1

This article is a summary of what Jon Rappoport has written extensively on each of the five key events.

ONE: The false claim that a new virus was discovered and isolated.
No true isolation has been performed. The so-called genetic sequencing of the virus was actually a concoction, a cobbling together of pieces of data referencing segments of RNA. These segments were PRESUMED to be parts of the new virus—but researchers didn’t have the virus, so their presumptions amounted to fraud.
TWO: The erecting of a diagnostic test (PCR) for the virus they didn’t have. Obviously, no such test has meaning. It is built on the same sorts of absurd assumptions that led to the fictional discovery of the virus. However, strategically speaking, the test has produced millions of “positive results,” which are taken to mean “infected by the virus.” On this foundation of sand, the lockdowns were declared.
THREE: The Chinese lockdown of 50 million citizens, for no medical reason. This unprecedented event provided the model for other governments, and for the CDC and the World Health Organization. Now it was “acceptable” to imprison the global population and wreak economic devastation across the planet.
FOUR: The absurd computer prediction of 500,000 deaths in the UK and two million in the US, made by historically failed modeler, Neil Ferguson. His institute at the Imperial College of London is bankrolled by Bill Gates. Ferguson’s predictions were used to convince Trump and Boris Johnson that states of emergency and lockdowns were necessary.
FIVE: The forced premature deaths of millions of elderly people across the world—which were falsely called “COVID-19 deaths.”
These people were and are suffering from multiple long-term health conditions, made far worse by decades of medical treatment with toxic drugs. Terrified by a COVID diagnosis, then isolated from family and friends, they give up and die.

There are other important events, to be sure, but those are the key five.

There is the whole financial background, driving the pandemic: John Titus and his site Best Evidence on YT has done several explanations

I also found this book very helpful and the authors have done many interviews online

Tim Kelly on the Realist Report

Tim Kelly on the Realist Report

💬 Misquotation Pandemic and Disinformation Polemic: 🧠 Mind Pollution by Viral Falsity 🦠

An excellent post with lots of helpful information.
Learn the truth to help you survive all these lies we’re surrounded by in 2020into 2021

SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ

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As the third decade of the third millenium dawns, the skill and resolve for winnowing truth from falsehood have become more wanting in humans than ever before. Falsity trumps honesty, and fallacy swamps clarity. In short supply and chronic retreat are the cognitive tools and intellectual acumen necessary to recognize the errors or defects propagated in quotations, statements and claims from numerous sources, including the media, academia, luminaries, dignitaries, celebrities, ideologues, politicians, stakeholders, advertisers, influencers, Internet users and bloggers, particularly in the era of misquotations and disinformation, numerous instances of which seem to be intractably stoking people’s partial or utter ignorance as…

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“Mercola: Whistleblowers Claim Pandemic Is The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetuated On The Human Race”

It’s agrim future ahead of us, neither part of the 1%+5% nor the 94%
We’re in No Man’s Land and can only support each other in this

The New Abnormal


Also see:

Anti-Vaccine Warrior Brandy Vaughan of “Learn The Risk” Found Dead:

Brandy Vaughan was a sales representative for Merck Pharmaceuticals that figured out the danger and risk of that industry, and the criminal behavior evident in the pursuit of profits over lives. The scandal that caused her to leave concerned the deadly drug Vioxx, which according to Vaughan caused 100,000 deaths, but some reports claim as many as 500,000 died due to this poisonous drug.

Brandy left Merck before Vioxx was pulled from the market in 2004, and in May of 2015, she founded an anti-vaccination group namedLearn The Riskwhere she had been working as a founder and executive director until her last breath…


She [Brandy] was a staunch defender of health rights, and was very outspoken about the deadly effects and side effects of vaccines. She was well versed in these…

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We’re at the end of Phase 1

We don’t know what’s coming next but it’s all planned very carefully: Power unbalancing Us

I guess it’s more Fear and Loathing, to use a timeworn phrase #Love&Fear

Make Fear more powerful and direct ensuing Loathing towards particular targets

Thank you to everyone I’ve communicated during with this exceptional time

Covid hits a Wall …. by Miles Mathis … First published on October 7, 2020

On October 3, this video at youtube: Copied her for ease of access …

was posted by the spokesman [Dr. Reiner Fuellmich] for an
international team of lawyers and scientists who are filing Crimes Against Humanity lawsuits against
those promoting Covid. I suggest you watch it and spread it. Even if these guys turn out to be
controlled opposition—and for now I don’t think they are—this announcement is important because it
confirms that top people agree with us that the Covid crisis has been a manufactured scam. They call it
the greatest crime against humanity ever committed.
So if your mom or dad or husband or wife won’t take your word for it, have them watch this video,
where we find included in this team of experts John Ioannidas of Stanford, who is both a professor and
physician and who wrote the most-accessed article ever written in the history of Public Library of
Science. The title of the article is “Why Most Published Research Findings are False”. Ah, a man after
my own heart. Maybe that is why both his papers and mine have gone viral. He has been called the
scourge of sloppy science. Also Michael Levitt, Nobellist in chemistry. Also Dr. Mike Yeadon, former
science advisor to Pfizer, who has said in public that all Covid tests may be from false positives.
Yes, we have red flags popping up there, with the name Levitt, Stanford University, and Pfizer,
indicating this may be controlled opposition. I also note the book by Gerry Spence displayed
prominently in the background of the video behind Fuellmich. Still, it is difficult to understand how
this project helps them. It may guarantee the lawsuits’ failure, but even in the event it does, it is still
confirming that all these people believe Covid is fake in some very large and important ways, which
may be more damaging in the longrun than any lawsuit. Even if this is all more theater and another
level down the rabbit hole, it has the potential to wake up millions of new people. For instance, I plan
to show it to any new girl I start dating, so that she doesn’t look at me cross-eyed everytime I bring
something like this up. This video and lawsuit are just the kind of things that get people’s attention,
because it starts to bring in all those people who want “credentials” before they open their ears or eyes.
This gray-haired lawyer in a suit will be far more convincing to many of those people at a glance than I
could ever be in person: me with my Birkenstocks and my hoodie and my bicycle and my box of
kittens at the market. I don’t LOOK like someone who would know anything important about
anything, which means to those people that I don’t. Despite the fact that I had this figured out long
before any of these guys in suits.
Anyway, among the many things Dr. Fuellmich confirms are that the mortality of Covid is no higher
than the seasonal flu, and may actually be less. Also that the hospitals that were supposed to be
overflowing were actually almost empty. Also that films from hospitals were faked. Also that the
panic was created on purpose, in order to promote vaccines and other agendas. Also that the WHO,
CDC, and other major governmental bodies worldwide have lied at the behest of foundations and
corporations that control them. Also that almost everyone who has died was very old and had preexisting
conditions, again indicating the mortality of Covid is extremely low. Also that the Covid test
was not created to diagnose or confirm Covid, as its inventor admits and as is admitted in its own
literature—including inserts that come with it—and in the CDC’s own publications. That is, a positive
result does not indicate infection with anything. It can give a positive result on anyone who has ever
had a cold. Also that doctors have been instructed to assign deaths to Covid, whether that was truly
indicated or not. Also that doctors and officials were PAID to list deaths as Covid when they were not.
Also that government bodies recommended that no autopsies be performed in Covid cases, in order to
hide the fact that Covid was NOT the cause. Also that those in media and government—when
confronted with this evidence—had been instructed not to argue facts, but instead to label the
opposition as conspiracy theorists and treat them as cranks, even when they were tenured professors at
Stanford or Nobel Prize winners. Sound familiar? Also that orders from the CDC and governors have
been completely unConstitutional, bypassing our legislative system completely and therefore our right
to representation. Also that courts at all levels have utterly failed to protect our rights and uphold the
Constitution, undermining their basic function. Also that all these actions above constitute massive
centralized fraud and intent to cause harm. Also that provable harm—including complicity in mass
murder—has been done on a worldwide scale, hence the Crimes Against Humanity tag. But you don’t
have to take my word for it, watch the video for yourself.
Also see and spread the video Plandemic2, which is even better than Plandemic. Except for the end.
See minute 1:10:55, where we are told “this is not a time for us to go in a mob frenzy, find the
perpetrators, and haul them into the town square and pillory them. This is a moment for us to
recognize that every decision that is being made today—by any of the conspiring parties—made perfect
sense in each increment, when each of those decisions was made.” But wait. . . is that what the
documentary itself just showed us? Not at all. It showed us the decisions made NO SENSE. It
showed us the decisions were made for obscene profit, with the full knowledge they would lead to mass
death and harm. It proved beyond any doubt these people are shameless liars and psychopaths,
complicit in incredible crimes against humanity—crimes the documentary can only begin to reveal in
the time given. So why would this guy who has told us so much truth end the documentary with this
lie of his own? Why does he want us to think these decisions made perfect sense? I don’t get it. You
will say he is just that forgiving, but I don’t read it that way. Pillorying just means putting someone’s
head in a wooden frame, which is far less than someone like Bill Gates deserves. So possibly even this
documentary is controlled opposition, a sort of insurance policy, in case the worst actually happens for
Gates and all, and they do have to face justice. They are trying to control your response, suggesting to
you that this was all just a mistake, a big misunderstanding, a result of poor decisions from bad data.
Therefore it doesn’t call for the normal penalties.
But I still recommend the documentary even so, since I think most people will ignore the ending as I
did, defeating the spin. They will watch Bill Gates lying his ass off and flapping his girly arms around
and rocking in his chair like an Asperger’s victim, and say to themselves that this has to end right now.
Also see this video at Bitchute with two OSHA experts on mask use and safety, who have become
whistleblowers. They prove that OSHA is breaking its own laws, on the books since 1979, regarding
masks. Mask-wearing is known to be dangerous, since it drops oxygen levels by around 20%. Longperiod
mask usage is ILLEGAL, according to OSHA’s own stated rules. So the current
recommendations contradict decades of studies, finding, and LAWS. Such mask usage causes not only
shortterm problems, but longterm health problems.
In that video we also learn that Michigan courts just overturned the basis for all their governor’s orders,
which are now null and void. But guess who is coming in to fill the gap: OSHA, which is threatening
Michigan businesses with more illegal orders if they don’t continue masking and social distancing.
Towns and cities are also rushing to fill the gap by passing their own illegal orders. As with the
governor’s orders, these orders from OSHA and cities are just a bluff. They are unenforceable and
have no legal standing. They would not hold up in any lawsuit or in front of any judge. In fact, they
are GROUNDS for a lawsuit against those making the orders, since these fake orders are criminal acts
in themselves, and are indictable

Killing Your STRAWMAN 2: A Free Man’s Chronicle — REALITY BLOG

UPDATE: JUNE 2016 This post, which is now over 6 years old, signifies my first flirtation with the STRAWMAN concept of personhood. I invite you instead to read a free copy (.pdf) of my new book, released June 17th, 2016, by going to this link –> I leave this post up for posterity, a glimpse […]

Killing Your STRAWMAN 2: A Free Man’s Chronicle — REALITY BLOG

Social Justice Warriors by Miles Mathis August 23, 2020

I’ve copied this because I think more people shoould learn about Miles Mathis: And hear what he says.
We all love hating social justice warriors. Even me. But do you know why? Because we are supposed
to hate them. That is why they were created.
Yes, this is another manufactured project, and a lot of people aren’t seeing through it. It is a cohort of
Antifa, who you are also supposed to hate.
Before we get into it, let me point out that this line of reasoning I am showing you here is very rare.
Almost without exception, both the mainstream and alternative dialogs are split into two sides: liberal
and conservative. If you don’t like these flaming liberals, you are supposed to think of yourself as a
conservative. But I don’t like these flaming liberals, and I am not a conservative. Yes, I want to
conserve the family, nature, old art, and much of traditional morality, but that doesn’t make me a
conservative. I have hit this several times before, but you will see what I mean as we proceed here.
My argument here is very rare, and that should surprise you. Back in the 1960s and 70s it was a fairly
common argument, but you almost never see it anymore. Judging by media coverage, you would think
people like me went extinct about 50 years ago. That is because real liberals were replaced at that time
by fake ones. The entire left side of American politics was infiltrated and replaced by CIA actors
pretending to be liberals.
How could that be, you may ask. Very simple: the people who ran this country and world in previous
decades and centuries despised the old left, because the old left was getting in the way of their war
machine, their propaganda machine, their rape and pillage machine, and their steal-from-the-treasury
machine. The old left wanted real progress, meaning more fairness. The old left didn’t like seeing the
top families raking all profits into their nasty hands. They didn’t like seeing the old families take all the
good jobs. They didn’t like seeing the top families hiding their assets and lying all the time about
everything. And at certain stages in recent history, the old left began to have some real effect. This
happened in the 1840s and again in the 1920s and again in the 1960s. In those periods, people began to
wake up to some extent. But the governors couldn’t have that, so they expanded Intelligence and hired
literally millions of agents to address the problem. The main way they did this is by infiltrating the left
and undermining it from within. They installed agents in groups all over the country and world, while
creating their own groups to mimic the real groups. They owned the media, so they instructed the
media to report only on the fake groups, never on the real ones. Over the decades, the fake groups have
expanded, while the real ones have faltered. Almost everything you see now is fake.
But no one tells you this but me. This is how you know I am real and they are fake. You should know
that anyone on either side selling you Antifa or SJW as real is an agent. They are trying to control your
reaction. They want to lead you along by the nose, and they are very good at it. They have been
perfecting their schemes for centuries. They don’t want you to think of becoming a real revolutionary
or a dissident, so they have to blackwash the whole idea for you. So what do they do? They create a
lot of fake revolutionaries and dissidents, and make those people look as unappealing as possible. They
dress them in silly clothes and have them say silly things. The current riots are all manufactured for
that purpose.
Just search on social justice warrior, go to photos, and scan down the page. Every single picture was
chosen on purpose to make you cringe. Apparently not one attractive person has ever been in favor of
social justice. Almost all of them are screaming fat women with wildly colored hair. Doesn’t this
make you a little suspicious?
If not, let’s just take a look at the words. Social Justice used to be a good thing, right? Look up the
word “justice”. It is a positive thing, isn’t it? Something we should all want. So why is social justice
being blackwashed by the media? I just told you. The governors don’t want justice, they want to
maintain their hegemony. They want to maintain their privilege, and justice won’t help them do that.
So they need the word to taste bad in your mouth. They want you to think of fat screaming lesbians
every time the word justice is mentioned. You won’t even think of joining a revolution on the street if
you have to march next to these people, right?
That is what Occupy Wall Street was all about as well. Not one attractive, well spoken, charismatic
person was ever seen leading those protests. Why? Because the protests were manufactured by the
CIA, and they chose the least appealing actors on purpose. They wanted to be sure normal sensible
people didn’t join the protests. The whole OWS project was about making sure real protests never got
off the ground. The real revolution was pre-empted by a fake one.
They have been doing this since the 1960s and before. I often use the example of the Chicago Eight:
more fake leftists paid to make a scene, say stupid things, and get you to hate them. Why do you think
they hired Abbie Hoffma, for instance? Because he was the sort of person you hated at a glance. He
was hired for that reason, and instructed to play it up. Then you had the Manson family of actors
pretending to be hippies; and the SLA pretending to be revolutionaries and pretending to kidnap Patty
Hearst; and so on ad infinitum et ad nauseum. This is why I cover the old events: once you see the
pattern, once you understand the playbook, they can never fool you again on that scheme.
It is the same with Antifa. The word alone proves we are in the middle of the usual CIA project. A
fascist is a bad thing, right? According to the mainstream history books, Hitler and Mussolini were
fascists, and they were very bad guys. So being an anti-fascist should be a good thing, by definition.
Instead, anti-fascism is being blackwashed by the media. They want you to think that anyone against
fascism is some guy in a black hoodie or mask, throwing bricks through Target windows or
accidentally shooting little girls. They need you to believe that revolutionaries are very bad guys, to be
sure you don’t become one. Every time you think a thought against your own government for any
reason, they want you recoiling in horror, because you see yourself turning into a dirty hippie.
As usual, they have flipped you. They are moving you toward fascism and away from justice, and you
don’t even realize it. They tell you that if you hate these Antifa people and SJWs, you are a good old
conservative, protecting your beloved country from crazy modern mutants. They are using your best
instincts against you. They know how to push your buttons, and they are pushing hard on your
protective instinct. You need to protect yourself against these young tattooed hooligans who are
coming for your sons and daughters.
So your reaction is noble, but it is mistaken. It is not any Antifa creeps or social justice warriors who
are coming for you or your children. Or not in the way you think. Those people you see on TV and on
the internet aren’t real liberals, fighting for justice or fairness or progress. They are actually children of
the elite, hired by the government to pretend to be liberals. They are ACTORS. So they are coming
for you, but not from the left. They are coming for you from the far right, as they always have.
It is the Phoenician Navy that is the real enemy, not some fake screaming lesbian actress with green
hair. And the Phoenician Navy is not liberal. The Phoenician Navy is not interested in justice. The
Phoenician Navy is interested in one thing: staying afloat and keeping you below water. Can I be any
But the Phoenician Navy has to keep your eyes off themselves at any cost. They want you to be afraid
of poor kids on the streets, or black people, or screaming women, or Mexicans crossing the border, or
aliens, or Satanists, or pedophiles, or viruses floating through the air. Anything but the billionaires and
trillionaires gorging themselves on worldwide treasuries, at the expense of you and your children and
Just so you know, the MGTOW movement is another prong of this project and is manufactured for the
same reason. If you don’t know, that means Men Going Their Own Way. Youtube and the rest of the
internet is now littered with MGTOW agents, male and female, and a few of them do have some
charisma. They have hired some attractive people for this project, because they need you to believe it
is a good thing. They are trying to seduce you. But it is another project of division and hatred. You
have seen in many previous papers of mine that women have been targeted for decades, by the serial
killers project, the Men-are-Pigs project, etc. They want women hating and fearing men, and they have
pretty much achieved that. A large percentage of women are permanently traumatized. But
heterosexuals are still getting together, and the governors can hardly turn up the heat any more on those
old projects from the female side. Before Corona, they were running fake mass murders about every
week, so how do you accelerate from there? The only way is by targeting men, making men hate and
fear women. To do that, Intel couldn’t really create a murdering woman every week: no one would buy
that. . . I hope. Instead they decided to blackwash the female sex in slightly more subtle ways. So they
have manufactured and publicized a new and increasing slate of horror stories of women being mean,
crazy, stupid, and selfish. It is hoped this will turn men off women completely, further undermining
the heterosexual relationship from the male side. A Women-are-Pigs project, if you will.
This project was pretty easy to compose, because unlike serial killers, it is based on a growing truth.
The projects of the past 50 years—all under the Project Chaos umbrella—have succeeded in making
both men and women into assholes. I think we can all admit that. A growing segment of the
population is intolerable, especially among the youth. That could be reversed, but the governors don’t
want to reverse it. They want to accelerate it. They don’t want anyone polite, well mannered,
thoughtful, educated, or stable. They want everyone needy, dopey, thoughtless, fat, lazy, and selfish.
So now when the times comes for creating division, it is very easy for them. People have become so
unappealing, no one can stand to be around them except their dogs—and even their dogs would prefer
to be somewhere else.
As we have seen, those running the world want everyone not in the Families living alone and
miserable, since if we are alone and miserable we will spend much more money on everything. People
alone often have no discipline, since no one is there to whip them into shape or expect anything of
them. A husband used to keep his wife in line, and the reverse, and they both kept their children in
line. But no more. Everyone goes his own way as soon as possible, and once alone devolves into a
blob of symptoms, waiting for the merchants to bake him a cake, send him a case of booze, play him a
song, or give him a facelift.
The Families have bought up all the hospitals and drug companies, remember, so they are quite happy
to see us needing those things. The more drugs we are on, the better they like it. It is a win/win for
them, since they make money from selling drugs to us, then the drugs make us weak and dim-witted—
so we can’t unwind their schemes or find the energy to do anything about it.
That’s why they make sure none of the drugs actually work. If an anti-depressant actually got rid of
your depression, turning you back into a functioning human being again, that would be very bad for
them. They want you functioning at a very low level: just enough so that you can drag yourself out of
bed, wire yourself on coffee, and work eight or ten hours making or selling widgets. So they make sure
the drug does that, while simultaneously infecting you with a dozen other side effects that require
further drugging.
They don’t want you to remember that the greatest drug you can take is human companionship. That is
the real cure to your problem, but they will never tell you that. They aren’t selling togetherness, they
are selling division. Division makes them richer, but togetherness threatens them. People together
don’t spend as much money because they can entertain themselves, with sex and conversation. And
conversation is always a threat, because that is how revolution starts. That is how people share ideas.
They don’t want you sharing ideas, that want all your ideas to come from them. That’s why they want
you watching things all the time. They want you a passive consumer of their ideas. They don’t want
you getting any ideas of your own.
This is why conversation has died out. It has been targeted on purpose. Yes, people still yap, but for
the most part they are just repeating ideas that have been placed in their heads by the media. They are
parroting movies or TV shows or government websites. If they argue, they parrot the arguments they
have been fed. I dine out (cheaply) almost everyday, and I often listen to the conversations at tables
around me. There is very little of it. Most people just sit there, semi-catatonic. The people that do talk
have nothing to say. I can’t remember the last time I eavesdropped on a serious conversation, or heard
anyone say anything worth hearing. I catch people eavesdropping on my conversations all the time,
which tells me they are desperate for content. They aren’t happy with the way things are, and would
welcome something else.
So I remind you it doesn’t have to be this way. Within living memory it wasn’t this way. Just a few
decades ago things were much better in this regard. Not optimal, but better. With a tiny bit of effort,
you could go back. By myself, I have given you thousands of interesting things to talk about, and I am
not the only one. History is as big as it ever was, and not all of it is fake. Beautiful and amazing things
were done, and still are being done. Seek them out and surround yourself with them. Ignore and revile
the false and damaging information the governors are trying to install in your brain and body, and seek
something better. It is out there, but you have to learn judgment and discernment. You have to filter
heavily. You have to question constantly.
All those people on youtube could be educating you on how to be polite and well spoken and
thoughtful and charming, but they aren’t, are they? They aren’t telling you how to quit looking bad and
starting looking good, are they? No, because they are happy for you to look and act your worst. It isn’t
an accident. They didn’t shut down all the charm schools back in the 1970s and replace them with anticharm
schools by accident. The world isn’t looking more and more like a Mad Max casting call by
accident. They don’t have everyone addicted to high fructose corn syrup by accident. This was all
done for one reason: it maximized profits. It was done with a detailed and longterm cost-benefit
analysis, and all the cost has gone to you and all the benefit has gone to them.
Yes, this is right where (they thought) they wanted you. You are a completely captured consumer,
unable to say no to the next commercial they play for you. You will believe anything, and have.
But it didn’t have to be this way. I escaped from the pen and so can you. I am showing you the exit