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So many points raised here. Where to begin? And more to the point, where will it all end?


The Ten WORST Films of All Time.

I dont agree with these choices (entirely I mean- but some yes)
It will stimulate one to get to confront which ones one knows are just utterly, utterly dreadful. I’m starting on mine so thanks Mr Listomania

The Knife and me

The Telegraph‘s film critic, Robbie Collin, has just published his 10 greatest movies. Here they are:

Sunrise – Murnau, 1927
Bicycle Thieves – De Sica, 1948
Singin’ In The Rain – Donen/Kelly, 1952
Ugetsu Monogatari (Tales of Moonlight and Rain) – Mizoguchi, 1953
Les Vacances de M. Hulot (Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday) – Tati, 1953
Harakiri – Kobayashi, 1962
Persona – Bergman, 1966
Back To The Future – Zemeckis, 1985
My Neighbour Totoro – Miyazaki, 1988
There Will Be Blood – Anderson, 2007

To my shame, I’ve only seen two of them, you can probably guess which, and I like to think I’m pretty switched on cinema-wise. Though clearly not.

To Collin’s credit, he goes out of his way to avoid cliched choices, like Citizen Kane and Casablanca, so I would accept that he’s not…

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Great Landscapes: Turner

an interesting read. well worth a try

The Knife and me

From a long but rewarding read by Daniel Johnson in the always interesting Standpoint magazine, considering the theme of Europe v the EU, through the lens of the life of Spanish intellectual  Jose Ortega y Gasset:

Ortega died in Venice, the maritime republic that had once embraced Orient and Occident, and I cannot help wondering if this was a coincidence. Venice was the bulwark of Catholic Europe in defeating the Ottomans at Lepanto, together with the Papacy and the Habsburg Empire. La Serenissima symbolises grandeur and decadence, the metaphysical city suspended between land, sea and sky. Venice is the antithesis of Brussels, the Europe on which Ortega had turned his back.

Venice as the antithesis of Brussels is a great concept, and entirely in keeping with the flavour of those cities. Venice is the one you want to revisit, for sure.

Many painters have tackled Venice of course…

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